Grace Will Walk Us Home

A daily discipline of Bible readings and short prayers

Thom M Shuman

Wild Goose



We may read the Bible to score political points. We may read it to get ideas for addresses and talks. But how often do we read the Bible to feed our heart and soul?

In over 30 years of ministry Thom Shuman had taught studies on just about every book in the Bible and had gone through the cycle of Sunday readings many times. He’d spent a lot of ‘professional’ time in the Bible, but realised he’d never really read the Bible from beginning to end to feed his spiritual life. So that’s what he did, each day discovering a word, phrase or verse which spoke to him, letting it play around in his mind, and then writing a short prayer or ‘nudge’. At the end of the year, he had 365 of them, which are shared with you here. ‘I hope they speak to your heart and soul in some way,’ Thom says.

you begin by
crafting grace
out of chaos;
grace is
the best friend
who never abandons
grace will walk
us home to

Thom M Shuman is the author of several books and downloads published by Wild Goose. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, where he serves as a transitional pastor, and is an Associate member of the Iona Community.