Iona God's Energy (Book)

The vision and spirituality of the Iona Community

Norman Shanks

Wild Goose



This new edition of Norman Shanks' book (previously published by Hodder & Stoughton) is an outstanding introduction and guide to the spirituality, concerns and activities of the Iona Community, by a former Leader of the Community. A new chapter has been added to bring the book up to date. What is it that interests so many people in the work of the Iona Community and draws thousands of visitors each year to the tiny island of Iona? Apart from its magical beauty and sense of timelessness, one reason is to imbibe the spirituality of the Community. Norman Shanks shows how the Community, in its work on Iona and elsewhere, has developed an integrated vision which is rooted in everyday living. It is committed to peace-making and action on social issues; the breaking down of barriers between those of different faiths and styles of faith; and the development of new, relevant ways to worship. The Community’s understanding of spirituality underpins its guest programme at the Abbey and MacLeod Centre on Iona and at Camas adventure centre on Mull, in which over a hundred guests take part each week. It also informs the work of the Community’s members and staff throughout Britain and beyond. For those who want to apply an integrated, engaged and inclusive approach to spirituality in their own lives, this book is an inspiring and relevant resource.