Iona of My Heart

Daily readings

Neil Paynter

Wild Goose



When editor Neil Paynter called for contributions to Iona of My Heart he wrote: 

‘I’m looking for those human stories from Iona. You know the ones – we all have them. Stories about different folk coming together – people from different countries and backgrounds. Stories of encounter, challenge, exchange, connection, transformation. Stories about people and the power of the Spirit … Show why Iona and what the Iona Community does there is important to the world. Give it a human face.’

This book of four months of daily readings, which reflect the concerns of the Iona Community, is the result. The book can be used for group or individual reflection and is intended to inspire positive action and change in our lives. 

Contributors include Ron Ferguson, Helen Steven, Nancy Cocks, John Harvey, Molly Harvey, Norman Shanks, Alastair McIntosh, Brian Woodcock, Martin Johnstone, Iain Whyte, Alison Swinfen, Jan Sutch Pickard, Joy Mead, Stephen Wright, Janet Lees, Thom M Shuman, Tom Gordon, Nicola Slee, Yvonne Morland, Kathy Galloway, Peter Millar, Ruth Burgess, John Philip Newell – and many other members, associates and friends of the Iona Community.

The royalties from Iona of My Heart will go to the Iona Community’s Iona Abbey Capital Appeal.

Neil Paynter was a member of the Iona Community’s resident staff group on Iona. He is an editor with Wild Goose Publications and of the Community’s magazine Coracle.