Open Our Hearts

Daily prayers for Lent and Holy Week

Ann Gerondelis

Wild Goose



Open Our Hearts is a series of Bible readings, prayers and colour images for each day of Lent and Holy Week, to invite reflection, contemplation and action in the world.

Ann’s images are icon-like in their depth and focus; her prayers are poetic and prophetic.

Follow this special and very original book through Lent and Holy Week to open up space to meet God anew; and to open our hearts to God’s all-inclusive love and the call to feed the hungry, work for peace and build communities of love.

Some comments on Ann’s previous book, Open Our Eyes: Daily Prayers for Advent:

The captivating images and the prophetic prayers emerge from the enacted spiritual practices of one who dwells with regularity and mindfulness in the presence of the divine and who lives her faith in engagement with those who are poor and vulnerable … This book will draw one in, making the reader into a listener and the viewer into a seer.
Jan Rippentrop, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Ann’s gorgeous art carries me to the intersection of love and justice …
Rev. Bradley Schmeling, St. Paul, Minnesota 

The artwork is beautiful, the colors vivid and entrancing … This is a gorgeous book to sit with and meditate.
Rev. Lisa Bodenheim, Author of Disturbing Complacency: Preparing for Christmas

Ann Gerondelis is an author, architect and academic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is the founder of Sketch Prayers Studio, exploring questions regarding the role of sacred communities and the power of images and image-making in shaping perceptions of God's holy imagination. Ann is a Friend of the Iona Community. This publication follows her first book, Open Our Eyes: Daily Prayers for Advent.

104 pages