Redeeming Our Cracks

Prayers, poems, reflections and stories on mental health and well-being

Neil Paynter

Wild Goose



Liturgical and practical resources from Iona Community members, friends and others designed to create more awareness and understanding about mental health.

‘I have never known anyone who hasn’t experienced a mental health problem at one time or another. So to me this book is simply about being human. There are worship resources for services on mental health here, but I think a lot of the resources could, should be used in any worship service. And I hope some of it – the beautiful gutsy poems and powerful reflections – is used well beyond church. Much of it comes from the edge anyway …’
From the Introduction

Redeeming Our Cracks is a book about seeing beauty in brokenness and strength in vulnerability. 

You come,
walking among
the brittle fragments
of our broken lives,
gathering up every sharp shard,
to fashion
a new and beautiful

Sandra Sears, from Redeeming Our Cracks