The Singing Thing

A case for congregational song

John L Bell

Wild Goose



The first of two books addressing the whys and hows of congregational singing. Unapologetically anecdotal, it deals not with musical theories but with the reasons why people sing and how best to enable them to do so.

This highly accessible analysis by John L. Bell, an expert on congregational song, offers ten persuasive answers to the question  Why do we sing? Each is explored with a wealth of illustration and practical insight born of twenty years experience in this field.

John L Bell is a Fellow of the Royal School of Church Music and a member of the Wild Goose Resource & Worship Groups, whose purpose is the creative renewal of public worship and song.

160 pp

Reader review :
This is a wonderful exposition of a "bottom up" philosophy of singing  great stuff. How powerful singing together can be for people, how often we are damaged by teachers' thoughtless remarks, and how those wounds can be healed.
Rev. Jean Darling