This is God’s World (CD)

Wild Goose Collective

Wild Goose



Nineteen new songs from the Wild Goose Resource Group, sung by the Wild Goose Collective.

Dedicated to our colleague, Graham Maule (1958-2019)

This album has been long in the making and is different from previous collections. Although most of the words and music originate from WGRG, the singers and instrumentalists were rehearsed and conducted by Iain McLarty who gathered a very talented and eclectic group and worked co-operatively with them on some of the arrangements to produce very interesting and engaging sounds.

The project was overseen by Graham Maule, sadly gone from life to Greater Life in December 2019. His loss is inestimable, and only now do we, his colleagues, recognise how modestly omnicompetent he was.

Almost every album cover was designed by him, every font carefully chosen, every component part triple-checked. He handled copyright and licensing, and all the texts for our songs were scrutinised and improved or corrected by him; and in the earlier days Graham was very much a co-author. Very fortunately, although he was overseeing the production of this recording, he also sang a solo verse in one of the songs.

19 tracks / 55 mins. running time

The tracks:

  1. This is the day
  2. All people living on the earth
  3. What is this place?
  4. In Christ we live
  5. Long have you loved me
  6. There is a balm
  7. Now we are nourished
  8. Lord Jesus, I’m eager to answer your call
  9. The Lord of the earth
  10. This is God’s world
  11. God give them peace
  12. We are coming, Lord, to the table
  13. Within the circle of your friends
  14. God and parent of all people
  15. God loved the world so much
  16. Go, heal the sick
  17. Murassala
  18. Canticle of the turning
  19. I lie down with God