Wild Goose Big Book of Liturgies volume 2

Iona Community

Wild Goose



Liturgies and liturgical resources for New Year, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, Advent and Christmas. A liturgy for an ‘ordinary day’, and resources for special days like the UN International Day of Friendship and World AIDS Day.

Full communion services and shorts acts of worship; liturgies for small groups and all-age gatherings; collections of resources that could be used to help shape liturgies, or at special events and gatherings.

Services rooted in church, community, home and school life. So – as always with the Iona Community – worship which is contextual, with a strong justice and peace edge.

Originally published as single digital downloads by Wild Goose, these are now all brought together for the first time in the second Big Book of Liturgies.

Contributors include Jan Sutch Pickard, Nancy Cocks, Tom Gordon, Janet Lees, Joy Mead, Thom M Shuman, and other Iona Community folk.

With each new day
there is a new beginning.

With a fresh start and a new beginning
there is fresh hope.

With fresh hope in our hearts
we come to worship God.

(Nancy Cocks, from ‘The best gift ever: Worshipping with the Magi’)

Pb. 204 pages