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Songs (Engelstalig) die aansluiten op de liturgie uit het Iona Abbey Worship Book. Een aantal zijn reeds in andere uitgaven opgenomen maar velen zijn niet eerder gepubliceerd.

These 50 songs of challenge, change and encouragement are offered as a companion to the liturgies of the Iona Abbey Worship Book, which is used by an increasing number of congregations a long way from the island of Iona.

The songs recommended in the Worship Book as being relevant to the themes and theology of its liturgies are not always well known in other parts of the world. The Iona Abbey Music Book aims to fill this gap and provide access to the musical aspect of services in the Abbey.

Some of the songs included here have been published before in other collections, especially those by the Wild Goose Resource Group, but many are previously unpublished or currently not available elsewhere.

Spiral bound.